Kid Tips

Enjoy some things I've learned as a Mom, other Mommies have taught me, or stories and tips all of you Mom's have shared! 

July 12, 2010:
Kid Tattoo Removal
This little kid tip was inspired by my dear friend, Tiffany who LOVES to play with her daughter, Cami, and their Dora tattoos! 

Tiffany has a new Dora tattoo placed on her arms at all times! I am always asking her why she doesn't take them off. Her answer: " I scrub and scrub in the shower ... but nothing happens!" 

Answer: Baby Oil!

Take a wash cloth, put a little baby oil on it ... and voila! Tattoo is gone! 

I'm sure many of you Mommies out there know about the baby oil, but for those who don't ... your tattoo scrubbing days are over. ;)



May 22, 2010:

Do you ever find yourself wondering, "what should I do with my little one today?"
Answer doesn't always come as quick or as easy as you would like!

That's why I personally subscribe to Productive Parenting!

I get a daily email with an activity to do for me and my son. You can add as many children as you would like (from infant up to 5 years) and each activity is set to your child's age range! There are over 1800 activities.

I came across this site when I did a Parenting review on it and absolutely LOVED it! I won't lie, I do not use the activities sent to me every single day. But I always know I have one that is planned, fun and educational for Dylan!

Here's what Susan & Emily, creators of the site, have to say about their mission:
"Productive Parenting provides one new activity suggestion each day based on your child's birth date! If you have soap, shoes, rulers, and rocks in or around your home, you are ready to begin! Our activities require little to no preparation or materials; but don't let their simplicity fool you! Activities build on one another from infancy to age five to provide a solid foundation for learning and, at the same time, promote lasting parent-child relationships. Check out our sample activities and see for yourself why Productive Parenting is quickly becoming the premier activity resource for parents."

Sign up today! It's Free!
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A quick example of a daily email:

Productive Parenting - Equipping parents, developing families

Hi Erica,
Today's activity for you and Dylan is Puppets.
Share and connect with other parents when you:
  • Rate and review activities
  • Submit activities of your own
  • Visit our forum
Happy Baby
Link to your activity not working? We have little ones too and understand that things don't always work out as planned, but for this "glitch," we have you covered! Just cut and paste the following into your browser:

A couple examples of a daily activities:

Where Do They Live?

Target Age:
Early Two-Year Old

Materials You Will Need:
sea animal figures, jungle animal figures, pictures of: jungle, ocean
What To Do:
Matching is a skill that prepares your child for reading and math. Collect jungle and sea animal figures and put them in separate baskets. Place pictures of the jungle and ocean in front of your child. Take out one of the figures. "Does it live in the jungle or the ocean?" Put the animal next to the correct picture. Move back and see what your child will do with the activity. If your child just wants to play with the figures, that is fine.
Activity Contributor:
Beth Bronsil, M. Ed.

Flower Arranging

Target Age:
Middle Three-Year Old

Materials You Will Need:
variety of artificial flowers, small vases or jars
What To Do:
This activity will give your child an opportunity to be creative! Present your child with an assortment of artificial flowers and vases or jars. You and your child can have fun today creating beautiful bouquets together. After the arrangements are made, you and your child can distribute them around your home. Use real flowers, if available.

You can unsubscribe at any time, but it's definitely worth having in your email-box once a day! Trust me!

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May 17, 2010:
Summer is upon us Mommies! 
That means sand in every orifice and crevice of our kids' bodies!

Quick Trick I learned by accident last summer ... 

Johnsons Baby Powder, Original, #3014 - 22 Oz 

If you just rub baby powder on any part of your little one's (or your own) body ... sand comes right off. Sandy feet? Baby powder it off! Sandy diaper or bathing suit? Baby powder it out of that tush! 

If you want Talc-Free Baby Powder, try California Baby's Non-Talc Powder or Baby Burt's Bees Non-Talc Powder.  

Best trick I ever came across. 

Thought I would share. ;)