April 29, 2010

If Cancer doesn't scare you away from the evil tanning beds, will this?

10% Tax ADDED to Your Tanning Salon.
Will it really keep people away? I certainly hope so!
(enjoy my comments in the pink)

Tanning salons burned by health care bill

The health care bill imposes a 10% tax on customers who use ultraviolet tanning lamps, like the ones used at City Sun Tanning in New York (pictured).By Blake Ellis

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- The Obama administration is turning up the heat on tanning salons across the country with the passage of its new health care bill.
To help fund the $940 billion health care overhaul, a 10% tax on individuals receiving indoor tanning services was tacked on, and the initiative is expected to generate $2.7 billion over ten years. - I DON'T CARE IF YOU ARE PRO-BAMA OR NO-BAMA ... THIS TAX IS FABULOUS IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE!

As a result, many salon goers and owners are outraged by the so-called "tanning tax" and think they're being unfairly targeted by the bill. - WHY, BECAUSE HANDING OUT CANCER TO PEOPLE IS FAIR?
"It's terrible," said Jan Meshon, owner of City Sun Tanning in New York City. "You know how they say that passing a bill is a bit like making sausage? Well this was the weirdest, ugliest piece of sausage to get stuffed into the bill." - HUH? JAN MUST HAVE BEEN IN THE TANNING BED ONCE OR TWICE AND FRIED THAT BRAIN! WTF WAS THAT EXPLANATION?
City Sun Tanning customers are shocked and disappointed by the tax as well, and Meshon said he expects the tax to hurt business.
"We'll do everything to keep our customers, but they are very upset by this," he said. "When they first hear about the tax, their reaction is, 'What? How did that get in there? Why are they attacking me?'" - BECAUSE INSTEAD OF MAKING IT ILLEGAL THEY JUST SLAPPED ON A TINY TAX. DON'T WORRY JAN, THEY WILL CLOSE YOU DOWN ONE DAY. VICTIM.
Meshon said the average customer spends about $15 to $20 per visit, and a typical tanning session lasts about 10 minutes, which is roughly the equivalent of thirty minutes in natural sunlight.
"An extra 10% on top of that is definitely not helpful," he said. "All of our customers would like to spend less already."
Adrienne Zarisky, a regular tanner, said she has used tanning salons several times a week for the last two years in order to maintain sufficient levels of Vitamin D.
Zarisky said she probably won't change her tanning habits because it's still "cheaper than having to take sunny vacations three times a year," but she is sure the tax will cause financially-strapped tanners to give up bronzing, and in turn, will seriously hurt the salons. - GO BUY A BOTTLE OF TAN FOR $12 THAT WILL LAST YOU A MONTH ... PUH-LEEZ! FINANCIALLY STRAPPED?
"I really fear for the salon owners," she said. "The place I go has really been a fixture in my neighborhood. I got to know some of the people that work there and they're lovely people -- I would just really hate to see people like that lose their jobs."
Jobs on the line
The tanning tax will go into effect July 1 and will apply to electronic products designed for tanning that use one or more ultraviolet lamps with wavelengths between 200 and 400 nanometers. Other sunless tanning options such as spray tans and tanning lotions are not included in the tax. - OH, I WONDER WHY THOSE AREN'T PART OF THE TAX BILL? HMMM ... MAYBE BECAUSE SPRAY TAN AND SELF TANNERS AREN'T KILLING PEOPLE!!!!
"This is going to close tanning salons," said Joseph Levy, vice president of the International Smart Tan Network, which has 3,000 member salons. "You can't just pass on a tax like this to customers and not have it hurt your bottom line."
Levy estimates that about 9,000 jobs are in jeopardy and more than 1,000 salons are at risk of being forced to close their doors. The tax also targets middle-class and female business owners, with about two-thirds of tanning salons in the U.S. owned by women, he said. - THOSE EMPLOYEES CAN LEARN TO SPRAY TAN! START YOUR OWN MOBILE SPRAY TAN COMPANY PEOPLE!!! THAT BUSINESS IS ON THE RISE AND IT'S A MONEY MAKER IF YOU WORK IT!
In addition to putting thousands of employees out of work, Levy predicts the tax will ultimately generate 40% to 50% less than the projected $2.7 billion.
"There was no due diligence done on how much money this will raise, and it's going to be nowhere near what they are expecting," he said. "After taxing female entrepreneurs and primarily female customers, this is the other part of what's so repulsive about this tax." - OH THAT'S RIGHT, OBAMA CREATED THIS BECAUSE HE DOESN'T LIKE WOMEN, LOL!!! WHO IS THIS GUY LEVY AGAIN? SOMEONE IN FINANCE? SOMEONE IN EMPLOYMENT DEPT.? OH ... WAIT ... NO ... HE WORKS FOR SMART TAN. LMAO!!!!
The health care reform bill is returning to the Senate for revisions, and Levy is rallying support to nix the tax from the measure before it's too late.
"We have more than 200,000 signed letters to Congress between our businesses and customers," he said. "We're hopeful that the Senate and Senators we've talked to will come through and get this ridiculous tax out of the bill."
As another last ditch attempt to remove the tax, the Indoor Tanning Association has started a Web site, Stopthetantax.com, where tanning salon owners and customers can send personalized letters of opposition directly to state representatives and senators. - PLEASE SEE MY LETTER I GOT TO WRITE TO STATE REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATORS!!! IT'S BELOW!
Cutting out the 'Botax'
The 10% tanning tax has replaced the 5% tax on cosmetic surgery that was originally included in the bill.
That tax, nicknamed the "Botax," would have included Botox injections and breast implants among other elective surgeries, but was cut out of the bill last year after heavy lobbying from the medical and dermatology industries.
Because the Botax was expected to generate $5.8 billion, more than double the amount the tanning tax is projected to raise, many tanning industry professionals are furious about the switch, arguing that while the tanning tax targets middle-class, women-owned businesses, the Botax would mainly impact wealthier Americans who would be more able to handle higher prices.
The American Academy of Dermatology, which strongly opposed the Botax, applauded the inclusion of the tanning tax as a replacement because of the significant health risks associated with indoor tanning.
According to the Academy, indoor tanning before the age of 35 is linked to a 75% increase in the risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, which has also become more common in young females. Meanwhile, nearly 30 million Americans hit the tanning beds each year and about 2.3 million of these people are teenagers.- ISN'T THAT LOVELY? TANNING COFFINS!!!!! YUCK!
An indoor tanning tax will therefore "serve as a signal from the federal government to young people that indoor tanning is dangerous and should be avoided," said Dr. William James, president of the academy.
In addition, because the United States currently spends about $1.8 billion on treating skin cancers each year and $300 million on melanoma alone, the tax will significantly reduce the future costs of treating skin cancers, Dr. James said.
Meshon and Levy, however, said many of the health concerns over indoor tanning are unjustified and exaggerated. - RIGHT, BECAUSE THE OWNER OF A SMALL TANNING SALON BUSINESS AND A MAN WHO WORKS FOR SMART TAN KNOW THESE EXACT DETAILS? AGAIN, PUH-LEEZ? THEY ARE IDIOTS.
"It's at least as good for you as it is bad for you," said Meshon. "There's a lot of misinformation out there and scare tactics trying to make indoor tanning sound like the scariest thing in the world, and while there are risks to tanning like almost anything else you do, the risks in tanning are relatively low." - UMMM, NO COMMENT. APPARENTLY THIS BRILLIANT PERSON HAS DONE A LOT OF RESEARCH. BUT, WHERE ARE THOSE FACTS? YEP ... THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT! NONE.



 To the United States Congress,
Please KEEP the Tan Tax!

I am writing to MAKE SURE the tax on sun tanning that was included the health care reform legislation STAYS IN PLACE. 


I USED TO regularly suntan indoors UNTIL I HAD A SKIN CANCER SCARE and DO NOT resent this attack on these small businesses.- I DON'T FEEL BAD FOR A BUSINESS JUST BECAUSE IT'S SMALL IF IT'S HANDING OUT CANCER.  Indoor tanning salons are an important part of every community, providing jobs and a service we seek. - NO NEED TO SAY ANYTHING HERE. THERE IS NO IMPORTANCE TO THESE TANNING COFFIN SERVICES.
Please tell House and Senate leaders to say YES to this NOT outrageous NOR unnecessary, IT'S WONDERFUL AND PERFECTLY NECESSARY tax on small business.


You can find this article and more on http://money.cnn.com/2010/03/24/news/economy/tanning_tax/
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Tanning Addiction Goes Public!

I found this adorable little article, I needed to share it ....

Tanning addiction on the rise

Addictions to things like alcohol, drugs, and eating are common.  There are even addictions to things like sex.  Now, add indoor tanning to that list.
Young people across the nation are preparing for prom, graduation, and spring trips on the beach.  However, for some, it's more than just looks.
A new study of college students in the northeast finds nearly a third of those who tan indoors meet the criteria for a tanning addiction, much like an addiction to alcohol.
"An addiction, among other things, when you do it, it gives you a hit, you feel good.  There are a number of things out there - alcohol, drugs, and now it turns out, tanning booths," Psychologist Dr. Michael Mckee said.
The same young people were more prone to anxiety and also more likely to indulge in alcohol and drugs.
Part of the new health care reform law includes a 10% tax on indoor tanning. It goes into effect July 1st.

April 19, 2010

White Sheets, White Towels & White Toilet Seats oh my!

Is there a quick fix to take out tan stains off my sheets, towels, clothes and even toilet seats??? 

Do not be scared that you will ruin your white sheets! You won't. But if you can help the situation ... you can! Wear black pants and a black shirt dedicated to tanning while sleeping. I have the same pair of black pajamas I wear every time I tan. It's a thin long sleeve black shirt and cozy black cotton baggy pants. This way I do not smell the sweat and tan during the night and I also know I have less chance of getting my white sheets a lighter shade of brown. ;)  But, when you wake up in the morning and notice a spot of tan ... take the sheets off and wash them. I use bleach in that white cycle. But it even comes out with regular detergent! So, stop scaring yourself. Tide/Clorox always does the trick!

Don't get crazy and be afraid of using white towels when you take a shower after a tan! It comes off on the wash just like your sheets! But again ... you can help the situation here! I have two navy blue towels that are deicated to my tanning showers. And I don't need to worry about any unecessary stains or throwing the towels in the wash right away. Go to Target and purchase a couple dark colored towels ... it will cost you a few bucks! 

Treat your light colored clothes the same way as the sheets and towels! But if you do stain them (it's typically a sweat mark) use Spray n' Wash on the stained area, then wash as soon as possible with your regular detergent. It's a 95% chance the tan stain will come out! But when you just got finished either self tanning or spray tanning ... use a dark outfit that you can dedicate to this exact situation. I have a black, long cotton dress that I wear almost every time. If it's not available, I wear my robe! After about 30 minutes I can get dressed, but I simply know not to wear white or light colors until I have showered the new and fresh paint off!

And the ever fun white toilet seat ... ahhh ... tan around the toilet ... one of my personal favorite tanning touches around the house! I will admit, this one is not fun and can get seriously annoying to your spouse/partner/roommate/etc... so be prepared. If you are tanning and you gotta go to the bathroom, save yourself some time and use toilet paper as a toilet seat cover (like in a public bathroom that doesn't offer the toilet seat protectors) and sit on the paper! But, if you don't remember that, which you probably won't, try some 409, Soft Scrub or Clorox house cleaner (not the "Green Friendly" kind, doesn't work) and leave it on there for a little about 10 minutes, then scrub it off. On a side note: wood seats absorb the tan very quickly and plastic ones are much easier to take right off. I hope you are laughing a little bit right now?

Go get your tan on and relax, your whites will be fine ... ;)

April 16, 2010

The "Skinny" Effect

Where can you apply self tanner to make yourself look more lean? 
Let me just sit here and spill my secret! 
Add just a tad extra self tanner to the following areas ... 

  • Collar Bone (ALWAYS)
  • Tops of Shoulders
  • Cleavage
  • Stomach - create a 6-pack*
  • Spine Line (for backless dress)
  • Under Tush
  • Inner Thighs (all the way to inner area of knee)
  • Calves**
  • And most important ... darken ANY and ALL areas with cellulite! It's like an eraser for cellulite. 
*Careful with your stomach because typically your stomach will tan easily ... just a tad more here for an illusion, not the "Snookie" style.  

** I always do 2 - 3 coats of tanner on my legs. As legs are the most difficult to take to tanning sprays and lotions.

    April 11, 2010

    Matching your Face to Your Tan

    How to get your face to match the rest of your body ...

    If you get a spray tan or use self tanning lotion and are not one to tan your face, then this is a goodie for you! 

    1st and foremost, if you get a spray tan and you do not have sensitive skin on your face, SPRAY YOUR FACE to match. Please just make sure to wash your face about 4 - 5 hours after you have sprayed. If you wait longer than 12 hours to wash your face, you may become victim to what I like to call "Oompa Loompa/Simon Cowell" face. Yes, that means you have an obvious spray tan or look like you just stepped out of a tanning bed that you were in for way too long. Not Cute. When you get a suntan, your face is not a perfect match to your body. So, if you have brown tanned skin from the sun, you will not have a perfect brown tanned face. Do not ever become victim to "Oompa Loompa" or "Simon Cowell" face. 

    Best solution: Use Bronzer on your face. I personally use Stila bronzer (Shade 2) - Powder compact form. I DO NOT use the one with SPF in it, yuck. But I have truly been using this on my face since 1998 and it's the best stuff on the planet! Sephora sells it. I just purchased an AMAZING bronzer brush that is a little on the $$$ side, but well worth it! The brush is the Thrish McEvoy bronzer brush. Unreal. When bronzing your face ... please, please, please bronze your neck and chest bone so that it makes a smooth transition. Otherwise, you will have tan face, white neck and tan body. Again, not cute.
    *Beauty secret: make your cheeks, bone of your nose and your forehead a bit rosier, and hoala! You look sun-kissed!

    April 08, 2010

    Most Common Question Before a Spray Tan ...


    This is solely up to you! If you are asking me personally ... well, the answer is YES, ALWAYS! I personally like the lines. I love to see how tan I just got in an instant! Plus ... I always feel weird being completely naked for my sprayers sake! LOL! But please, do not do what I have done once before and wear granny panties for a spray. I actually thought it would be cute to have bikini tan line ... it wasn't! LMAO!

    If you don't want any lines ... go in the nude. If you don't have any inhibitions about being in the nude in front of people, I say go naked! 

    But, if you want to see the drastic color change you just encountered or you like a little sexy line ... go buy one pair of Cosabella "Soire" style V-String Underwear and get your spray on! Buy black if you can and make sure to do one thing ... CUT OUT THE TAG! Otherwise, you will end up with a little white square above your crack and i can assure you, it's not cute. Funny, but not cute. ;)

    April 07, 2010


    If you are a Bride in a wedding, part of a bridal party or even just a guest attending a wedding please take this advice:
    • BRIDES: DO NOT EVER use a self tanning lotion! You are having a wedding for crying out loud! Spend the extra $30-$50 for your special day and DO have someone professionally tan you! This is not a day you should mess with. You cannot gamble on having streaks, orange color or a sweaty melt down at any cost! You need to take these steps to make sure that you are happy with your color and the way your color stays:
    1. Make an appointment at least 2 months in advance with a spray tanning person. Tell them it's a trial for your wedding! Make sure to tell them that you do not want to be black, but a perfect bronze or light golden just enough to glow on your special day. (Miami Vice color with a white dress looks awful and cheese ball!!!)
    2. Please refer back to my "10 Steps to Prepare for the Best Tan" blog ... best advice for preparing for a spray tan, I swear by it!
    3. Make sure to have the 24 hours of sleeping in this tan, then shower and wear white the next day (and no, not your wedding gown). Do some errands ... maybe even take a 30 minute casual walk or take a run in your white outfit. (Take a run if you are typically a serious dancer at parties).
    4. MOST IMPORTANT: after 4 - 5 hours in your white outfit, check for sweat or color stains. You need to see where you have "leaked" color. You want to make sure if you have leaked any color that this does not happen to you on your wedding day. If you have leaked any color during the day in your outfit (not while sleeping) you now need to try for day 2 in white attire. If you do not leak on day 2, then this means you should book your spray tan for 2 days prior to your wedding day! ;) Also means you know where you will sweat the most for caution of wedding day melt down.
    5. I promise, you will sweat on your wedding day ... so your best bet is 2 days before your wedding you should have had a spray tan. 1 day before you should have showered the excess color off. The night before the wedding or day of you should take another quick rinse shower and you will be the PERFECT color!!!!
    6. Just remember ... TEST your TANS. And if you don't like your color after a day or two, try another spray artist out. That's why this needs to be tested a couple months in advance, and also to make sure you can get the appointment you want for wedding day!
    7. It's a bonus if you can get your bridal party to have a tanning party ... just make sure your girls can come over 2 days prior, the tanner can spray everyone and ALWAYS make sure you get sprayed 1st! 1st spray is best spray ... cleanest hose at this time! ;) Don't feel obligated to pay for everyone ... not only will a spray tanning person give you a deal for booking a party, but most brides maids are happy to pay their way if they want to be included.
    • BRIDAL PARTIES: You obviously can follow the exact steps for the bride (especially if you are wearing white, ivory or very light colored brides maids dresses). But if not, you still want a spray tan ... do not do the bride an injustice by being streaky, uneven or orange and ruining her wedding pictures. It's mean.
    1. Please refer back to my "10 Steps to Prepare for the Best Tan" blog so you can take all the necessary steps before getting your tan!
    2. Ask the spray tanning person if you can get a deal if you book an appointment for the bridal party! Who doesn't like a deal?
    • GUEST AT A WEDDING: Get over yourself! You are just a guest! ;) But, if you want to look hot, which I know you do ... spray tan is always better, but self tanning lotion will be just fine for you here. Just make sure to apply the lotion 1 - 2 days before the wedding so you don't either A.) stink up the ceremony or B.) start melting away color all over the bride as you hug her or the guy you are kissing on the dance floor as you are a sweaty mess from all the drinking and dancing you have been doing!!!
    *Ps ... I look orange in this picture, hence I will never forward this spray tan person's information on! ;)

    April 06, 2010

    10 Steps to prepare for the Best Tan ...

    Here are the 10 steps you need to take in order to get the best of the best color and tan from any product you use ...
    • 1.) Get in the shower and exfoliate your entire body! BEST KEPT SECRET- use EXFOLIATING GLOVES. You can buy them at Bed, Bath & Beyond - 2 pairs for $7.99 This is so much better than using a loofah. Trust Me. Shave your legs and anywhere else you might be hairy ;) here too! Very important.
    • 2.) Dry off really well and help the dry skin you just exfoliated come off by rubbing your towel harder than usual. You will see all the dead skin rolling off here. Fun! ;)

    • 3.) DO NOT USE any lotion. Keep your body dry.

    • 4.) Apply a barrier cream to your fingernails and toenails and around the cuticles so they don't turn bark brown. I use Aquaphor. I have it around the house since I have a baby anyway. You can use any diaper cream that's what a barrier cream is. Aquaphor is clear and has no smell. Plus it's good for your skin. Apply a very light amount of lotion or Aquaphor on the tops of your feet, ankles, on your Achilles tendon area, your knees, your elbows and anywhere else you know on your body that gets super dry. This will make it so you don't get dark brown or orangey spots in those dry areas.

    • 5.) Get plastic medical/food handling gloves. You don't need to use latex as that may cause an irritation. But you MUST use tight fitting plastic gloves. Find them at Costco or Smart & Final. I buy a box of small ladies non-latex gloves. This will help with using less lotion and not getting orange or brown hands which looks incredibly unflattering and unnatural.

    • 6.) Pour or pump tanning lotion directly on gloves, rub hands together and apply in circular motion all over your body. I ALWAYS prefer bronzed lotion so that it's easy to tell where I have applied, how much I have applied and where I might need more. Plus, you get an instant tan ... and it usually progresses over the day. Ahhh ... instant gratification!

    • 7.) Take your browned gloves off and apply one small pump or pour to your hands and apply as if you are using hand cream, get every inch of your hands here. Now, wash the palms of your hands as best as you can without washing all of the lotion off the tops of your hands. This will create a look of a light tan hand without having you look like tan arms and white gloves at all times ... We call this the Michael Jackson look - Not Good.

    • 8.) Take a damp cloth and use it like an eraser to any spot on your body that might be too dark or streaky, i.e. your Achilles heel. That area always need a swipe of damp cloth! You do not want fake tanned feet ... it's UGLY! You can use this on your hands, knees and elbows too. If you tan your face, make sure to damp over your brows and your eyelids. Those areas naturally get too dark!

    • 9.) You can always apply another coat of tanning lotion to your legs or arms or chest areas if you realize you want more color in another spot after 8 hours. I always apply another coat to my legs as that's my favorite part of my body to have tan! If you have a part of your body that has cellulite, apply more tan lotion here, it will create an illusion and suddenly you don't have cellulite! ;) It's my best kept skinny secret ... although I don't think it's so much of a secret! Best way to instantly become skinny is get tan! (I will dedicate another blog to applying tanning lotion to certain bones and muscles of your body to create a skinnier look).

    • 10.) Do Not shower for at least 8 hours. If you are a tan perfectionist, do not shower for at least 24 hours! This is an easy task if you are a Mom and this will make for a perfect and long lasting color! When you do decide to shower, make sure to lightly soap your body, this means take a Dove soap bar and lightly soap with it all over your body. (Dove is very moisturizing) NO EXFOLIATING or using washcloths, this will take your tan off! Try not to shave again for as long as possible. Most importantly, lightly pat dry with your towel when you get out of the shower because rubbing the towel all over will exfoliate your dead skin, taking off your tan!!!! Also, make sure to apply lotion and keep your body moisturized the entire week ... this will keep you glowing!

    Hope this is helpful and Happy Tanning!

    Questions/Comments & Sharing Tanning Products

    Fellow Tanners:
    Please feel free to email me, leave comments, ask questions, or share tanning products related to your fake tanning secrets. I am currently tanning now with my new found love and secret product that I will be sharing later today!!! Lisa will be trying it out next week too ... can't wait to post pictures on how amazing this tan is!

    Welcome to Tanning Mom . blogspot . com!

    Welcome fellow pastie people! ;)
    I have decided to finally create a tanning blog so that I can somehow share my tanning obsession with all of you who might be tan-curious or also tan-obsessed!
    So, the best way to start this would be simple ...

    Hi, my name is Erica and I'm a tan-a-holic.

    Now that we got that out of the way, I will try and explain to you exactly why I have created this page. For the last 15 years (wow, now I feel old) I have been a victim to tanning in every possible way. It started out as a fun thing to do with my friends back in high school as we would lay out for hours basking in the gorgeous Southern California sun. Then one day, I was old enough to utilize "the enemy" ... a tanning bed. I went to the tanning beds on a regular basis, sometimes 5 days a week. I was a beautiful bronze in my late teens and early twenties due to "the enemy". My also tan-a-holic friend, who I will be introducing to you throughout this blog, Lisa would accompany me in the traditional tanning bed, then backyard, then beach excursions. We would literally lather our bodies in skin accelerator lotions, go to a tanning bed for 30 minutes, put more tanning skin accelerator cream on, top it off with baby oil and lay in the sun for hours. You can imagine how amazing our color was, right? Yes, it was incredible! And the more red we would get or the more we would peel, the happier we were! Until "the enemy" caught up with me folks. One day in 2003, my boyfriend (husband and father to our son now) noticed a mole under my breast. I hesitantly went to the dermatologist and found out that it was a very "high risk red flag celled" mole. They took out a lot of my skin and inside my breast. I WAS LUCKY PEOPLE! If my husband didn't notice that, who knows what could have happened. Here is my point ... DO NOT ENTER INTO A TANNING BED "THE ENEMY" FRIENDS! IT WILL KILL YOU. DO NOT LAY OUT IN THE SUN FOR HOURS ON END! DO NOT GO OUT INTO THE SUN WITHOUT PROTECTING YOUR BEAUTIFUL SKIN. If I had just listened to my beautiful Mother when she would say "Erica, please stop tanning in the tanning beds and in the sun, I got Malignant Melanoma that way" I wouldn't have the awful sun damaged skin issues I have today. People, if you or a family member have ever had skin cancer ... DO NOT BE STUPID!
    So, here I am, still a tan-a-holic ... the only difference is for the past 7 years I have been forced to use an alternative method to being tan ... a FAKE TAN! I am obsessed! And when I say fake tan I do not mean orange, I mean a bronzed brown fake tan ... a real feeling fake tan. That is my mission! I have used almost every product out there on the shelf! I have used multiple spray tan artists! I am open to use and blog about new products.
    And hey ... just because I am a Mom doesn't mean I don't want to feel beautiful.
    So, welcome to this tanning journey with me, Erica ... The Tanning Mom! ;)