April 19, 2010

White Sheets, White Towels & White Toilet Seats oh my!

Is there a quick fix to take out tan stains off my sheets, towels, clothes and even toilet seats??? 

Do not be scared that you will ruin your white sheets! You won't. But if you can help the situation ... you can! Wear black pants and a black shirt dedicated to tanning while sleeping. I have the same pair of black pajamas I wear every time I tan. It's a thin long sleeve black shirt and cozy black cotton baggy pants. This way I do not smell the sweat and tan during the night and I also know I have less chance of getting my white sheets a lighter shade of brown. ;)  But, when you wake up in the morning and notice a spot of tan ... take the sheets off and wash them. I use bleach in that white cycle. But it even comes out with regular detergent! So, stop scaring yourself. Tide/Clorox always does the trick!

Don't get crazy and be afraid of using white towels when you take a shower after a tan! It comes off on the wash just like your sheets! But again ... you can help the situation here! I have two navy blue towels that are deicated to my tanning showers. And I don't need to worry about any unecessary stains or throwing the towels in the wash right away. Go to Target and purchase a couple dark colored towels ... it will cost you a few bucks! 

Treat your light colored clothes the same way as the sheets and towels! But if you do stain them (it's typically a sweat mark) use Spray n' Wash on the stained area, then wash as soon as possible with your regular detergent. It's a 95% chance the tan stain will come out! But when you just got finished either self tanning or spray tanning ... use a dark outfit that you can dedicate to this exact situation. I have a black, long cotton dress that I wear almost every time. If it's not available, I wear my robe! After about 30 minutes I can get dressed, but I simply know not to wear white or light colors until I have showered the new and fresh paint off!

And the ever fun white toilet seat ... ahhh ... tan around the toilet ... one of my personal favorite tanning touches around the house! I will admit, this one is not fun and can get seriously annoying to your spouse/partner/roommate/etc... so be prepared. If you are tanning and you gotta go to the bathroom, save yourself some time and use toilet paper as a toilet seat cover (like in a public bathroom that doesn't offer the toilet seat protectors) and sit on the paper! But, if you don't remember that, which you probably won't, try some 409, Soft Scrub or Clorox house cleaner (not the "Green Friendly" kind, doesn't work) and leave it on there for a little about 10 minutes, then scrub it off. On a side note: wood seats absorb the tan very quickly and plastic ones are much easier to take right off. I hope you are laughing a little bit right now?

Go get your tan on and relax, your whites will be fine ... ;)

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