April 08, 2010

Most Common Question Before a Spray Tan ...


This is solely up to you! If you are asking me personally ... well, the answer is YES, ALWAYS! I personally like the lines. I love to see how tan I just got in an instant! Plus ... I always feel weird being completely naked for my sprayers sake! LOL! But please, do not do what I have done once before and wear granny panties for a spray. I actually thought it would be cute to have bikini tan line ... it wasn't! LMAO!

If you don't want any lines ... go in the nude. If you don't have any inhibitions about being in the nude in front of people, I say go naked! 

But, if you want to see the drastic color change you just encountered or you like a little sexy line ... go buy one pair of Cosabella "Soire" style V-String Underwear and get your spray on! Buy black if you can and make sure to do one thing ... CUT OUT THE TAG! Otherwise, you will end up with a little white square above your crack and i can assure you, it's not cute. Funny, but not cute. ;)

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