What are the little things we can do to feel pretty?


June 15, 2010:
Hair Brush:

This Brush is the most amazing brush for blow drying your hair! Truly, it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and keeps the frizz down! I only have to use this round brush a couple times on each bundle of hair I dry and voila! My hair is straight with style, body and serious sheen! Major perk - the design is genius! The handle comes to a point at the end where your hand naturally gets smaller at the grip, making it so much easier to maneuver the brush quickly through your hair while blow drying it! It's a must have if you are in the market to buy a round brush! And ... it's only $20 for the X-Large one! Click Here to be directed to the amazing Angus M brushes. Enjoy! 

May 24, 2010:

Every time ... and I mean, EVERY TIME I get my eyebrows waxed, I hand out about 10 cards for my AMAZING eyebrow lady. Well, she is more than just an eyebrow lady! She is a wonderful Estetician. She just happens to be the Monet of Eyebrow artistry! 
Tanya at Ultimate Skin in Calabasas! 
Call (818) 222-9797
*Click Here to be directed to their website.
She is truly unbelievable and I would refer her to anyone as everyone I know leaves extremely happy when she has performed her magic on you! 
Trust me, you will be happy I sent you there. 
Happy Eyebrow Waxing!

May 21, 2010:
Who needs a manicure and pedicure? 
I know I do! 
Treat Yourself!

My favorite manicurist in town! 
I have followed these ladies for the last 15 years!
Cindy and Lani at Personne Complet in Woodland Hills
Call (818) 224 - 2035
They do the most incredible full sets, pink & white sets, tips, etc. too ... 
Please call for pricing.

*New Clients - Make sure to tell them The Valley Mom sent you and you will get my special discount on your first visit - $27 for both Manicure and Pedicure!